Bond Bridge Pro POE power consumption

Does anyone know the POE power consumption of the Pro model? I’m approaching the budget limit on my POE switch and would like to leave a little headroom, so I’m trying to find out how much power it consumes.

That’s a good question. I can tell you the biggest power draw is actually probably during startup especially if you’ve configured a Wi-Fi network. Starting up the Wi-Fi chip draws far more power for a brief moment than the RF transmission does. — Do you have a way to monitor the peak power over time for an attached device on your switch?

Thanks for the reply. I have all Unifi network equipment and I know it shows the total power usage on the switch, but the dashboard doesn’t show history or graph usage over time. There may be other ways to see history though…I’d have to check. But I’d be using the Ethernet port for both data and PoE so I wouldn’t want to enable the WiFi on the bridge. Is that possible…to set it to use Ethernet only?

Also, I have an extra Cat 6 cable in my 3rd floor ceiling that was going to be used for an additional AP, but I don’t seem to need it. I was thinking of mounting the bridge there in the hopes that its signal would reach down to the 1st floor for a few blinds. Do you know if the antenna is directional out of its top?

Mine is pulling 2.78W at idle

Not sure what controller version your on but I’m on v8.0.7

Network/ports/insights then filter results by port and select POE

Mines showing almost 3w steady since I installed back in October

Awesome, thank you so much!

My switch shows 2.76 w for my pro.

Thanks. Sounds like they consume a lot less than I thought.

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Am I reading that image correctly where it says that your bond pro has uploaded 2.53 GB of data?

Yes and no, that’s the ports history (I shuffled patches prior). Bond is sitting at 11.4MB if UniFi is picking up the traffic correctly.