Compare Bond Bridge and Bond Bridge Pro

I’m trying to decide which Bond bridge I should purchase, and can’t see what the Pro version does that the other does not.
I see PoE, but not sure if that justifies the price difference.

I’m sure you have seen the simplified table at the bottom of the page here, but I’ll summarize quickly:


  • Longer warranty
  • More installer / integrator focused support
  • Larger coverage area
  • PoE as you mentioned / Ethernet for networking is an option
  • Sliders in Bond app for shades
  • No IR (RF only)


  • Has IR in addition to RF
  • WiFi only (no Ethernet)
  • Coverage is usually good enough for even up to a 2,500 sq ft home

Thank you!
This is exactly what I wanted to know.

For my situation, the Bond Bridge is the right choice.

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