Ios beta 1.120 (1)

New version on test flight contains bug fixes.

Hi All,

Here’s what’s new with the iOS app:

WiFi Signal Strength (iOS-only)

We now show the correct WiFi signal strength of access points available to the BOND when displayed in the iOS app.

This is not yet available in Android.

The reason for the feature is (1) we don’t incorrectly see a “weak” signal, and (2) you can select the strongest AP if you have several. Especially useful if they have the same SSID.

AppStore Reviews (iOS-only)

You now may be asked to review the App (not the BOND) within the app. This follows Apple’s guidelines and is minimally invasive (only ever asks exactly once).

No more Firmware Upgrade Errors (iOS-only)

We do not show an “Aw, Snap!” error if the firmware update times out, instead just returning to the BOND view (main screen).

The reason is, firmware upgrade “errors” were almost always related to connectivity and can be resolved with a little more time waiting on DHCP or other network troubleshooting.