Bond App v2.47.0 - Add a New Device Flow Redesign

We are excited to announce that we’ve rethought the screens for Add a New Device flow.

Now, instead of tapping on Remote Control, you first select the device type (Fan, Shade, etc.). This reflects the fact that Bond has shifted from being a way to copy remote controls to more of a first-class control experience.

We’ve also made the Scan QR Code button more prominent. Scanning the QR Code on the back of the Bridge or other Bond-compatible product can speed up the setup process significantly. Let us know how you like it.

Currently this redesign is only available for Android and it will be available for iOS in the upcoming weeks.

We would really appreciate your feedback!

Daniel Vogel
Bond Team


Ok, I am going to delete a Fan and light then try to re-add and see what the experience is like.

Hello @minizorg , I would really appreciate your feedback on it!

Now I just need to remember to work on it!

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