Beta app only shows one device

Updated my Bond to v2.7.13.
In the beta app, it only shows one fan.

In the original app, all 5 fans are still there and controllable.

Did you use the same email address for the V2 account?


yes same email on both

Yesterday I removed a old fan and installed a new one. It added to the Bond hub with no issues. Right now in the app I can see both fans and control them but under the hub it only shows 1 associated device and running the curl commands only show 1 device as well. I am on 2.7.15-beta.

Updated to 2.7.16-beta and the other fan disappeared. I will try and add it back when I get home today.

I figured it out. With the 2.9.0 app I lost he fan because cause it was a cloud device. I tried to program it manually but the remote I have is on of those one that are just all toggles and no individual buttons so I can’t do it manually. I guess I would need to buy a second bond to send commands to the first bond to program the buttons.

Hi James,

We will have offline support for that remote (we call it “F2”) shortly. Few users have F2 so we didn’t have it in the first batch of offline-supported remotes, but we will push it up our list.

@jacob FYI