BETA Categories Limited to Invited Users

Hi All,

We want to continue to have an open discourse with members of the BETA community, without broadcasting discussion of unreleased products and software to the public internet.

For this reason, we have restricted the “BETA” categories to only signed-in members of this forum.

Please continue to use BETA categories for unreleased products/software, and the public categories for released software.

I look forward to some exciting features for existing (and new) devices as we (finally) get our “V2” platform rolled out.



Hi. How does one get access to the Beta forums? I am having issues installing the firmware on my Bond and I can’t find any documentation to help me.

I’ve added you to the BETA group.

I still can’t access it though, says the page is private

Hey Jorge, try once more! (Opened up the BETA categories to all logged-in users.)

Can I please have access as well?

You should see the various BETA categories just by being logged into the forum.

I don’t see any beta categories and when I click on a link to a beta forum from another user it says I don’t have access

It seems that the permissions changes weren’t properly saved. They should be now. Let me know if you still aren’t able to see the beta forum.

Appreciate access to the Beta forums… Would love to get access to the fans in SmartThings and also play with the local API for Hubitat…


I’d like to get added to the beta, if possible. Thanks!

The current Beta public link is here. I imagine it’s mostly of interest to those testing the Local API. You can read over what features aren’t available quite yet in the V2 app in that linked post.

Please add me as well. Thanks!

Hey @jtargowski, welcome! You can sign yourself up here: Bond Public Beta Link