Alpha Motors andNew Beta / Firmware Release

I almost feel guilty raising this, given it is so nice to have my one Alpha motor now included with my Somfy blinds finally, but I have continued to see it missed in commands that are issued to my blinds (via my Hubitat hub, not that I think that is the problem at the moment). My suspicion is it coincides with commands issued to a number of blinds, such as when a open all my blinds in the morning, which I will have another chance to confirm in the morning.

Is anyone else seeing this? All my other blinds are Somfy motors.

Can you try creating a Group in the Bond Home app, and see if it works consistently or not?

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Yeah, that’s where my thoughts were heading in the last day or two, thanks for the tip. The times where I operate the Alpha blind are in the morning when I open most of my other Somfy blinds and in the afternoon when I close two other West facing blinds. Each of these are separate API calls for each blind, at the moment, from my Hubitat hub. I’ve never had any issues with multiple individual calls for Somfy, but you never know.

The other possibility is that I may need to charge the Alpha motor, as it is battery powered. I will try the group setup for a few days and see how that goes, then look at the battery if needed.

I may need to follow up on the API calls for a group, it does not look like they come into the Hubitat Integration by default, though I have posted the question, so hopefully I am wrong. Once I have the use of the group setup I will assess if it behaves better than individual API calls for each blind.

Can you try the Group feature with control just via the Bond Home app?

The 5-6 commands issued via the Bond App have worked perfectly this morning. I have also setup the afternoon closing of the group at 3pm as a schedule in the Bond App, so will see how that performs.

Long story short… some issues, but possibly things for me to look at initially…

If I’m honest I am seeing inconsistent results… with the occasional missed open/close command even when initiated from a Bond schedule configured in the Bond App. Take from that what you will, but I don’t want to lay blame just yet… I am seeing various inconsistencies in both my broader Bond commands issued from outside Bond, along with more general issues with HTTP commands to/from other platforms outside of Bond.

So there could be a mixture of things at play, including comm’s between hubs, along with some issues that may have come about with my re-setup of my blinds mixed in amongst the beta issues I was trying the deal with (which were largely my fault). Leave it with me to investigate… but thought it would be worth at least posting where things are at for now…

Not really sure what to do with that info tbh. Not your fault, these intermittency issues are hard to deal with without making plots and T-tests :wink: . If you suspect Bond is doing something bad, you can try to determine:

  • when you tap the button (or send the action via HTTP), does the reported state change from Bond Bridge? (State changing indicates we received the request.)
  • is the state changing, but the physical device not responding?
  • try to determine if this only happens with commands in rapid succession (such as via Groups that span multiple rooms, or Schedules set for same time, or groups in third-party platforms that cash out as individual device PUTs), or whether the issue also occurs with individual commands

We don’t yet have Alpha Motors in our automated test rigs. We will be adding and putting it through tests where we hit it with 1000s of commands over hours/days. We will try a combination of individual commands, aggregated commands (as in groups), and commands in rapid succession… so we can see any pattern of intermittency. (@danielvogel good to get this on our automated test roadmap. We’ve done it intensively with Rollease with the -A motors.)


I should add that, the Group feature with Alpha Motors uses command aggregation when the devices are in the same location — that is, we usually can send just a single RF signal that all the motors in the room will act on. So maybe there’s an issue with commands in rapid succession. We can try to check that a bit sooner than we get the full workup in automated test.

All good @merck . No issue on my part. I messed up my upgrade by not following the directions, so happy to deal with the consequences of that, plus, if the new feature that I didn’t have before doesn’t work as I expected, that’s not an issue in my eyes, just something for me to work through and report my experience, when I get the opportunity.

Really appreciate your efforts to integrate these and other products into the Bond eco-system, I’ll do what I can to help, just can’t guarantee the timeframe :slight_smile:

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I would have edited my original post… But seems I can’t :frowning: Things are all good for my Alpha motor… :slight_smile:

It would seem like I just needed to charge up my battery powered Alpha motor, it hasn’t skipped a beat since… Nice work Bond to get these onto the platform.


We were able to do it because the folks at Alpha kindly collaborated with us on support. :heart: