Azeus Air Purifier

Hi, I’m trying to learn my new Azeus air purifier and it doesn’t work. The documentation has no information about the type of remote (it must be RF because it works from another room). Has anybody figured out how to do this?

Hi @jmwhite5

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

We have this form to suggest a remote control.
With the info requested on the form, we can work on making it work with Bond.

If you can send pictures of the remote over here, I can check with the remote team if there is a way to make it work without waiting for firmware/app updates.


Hi, the link you sent me doesn’t work. I don’t have permissions to access the form.

I believe you have to be logged in with a Google account on the website to access the form?

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Yes. I was able to see the form. But now I realize that the Azeus remote control (RF) has no FCC ID (!!). I’m asking them about it.


Hey @jmwhite5 ,

Did they reply to your question about the remote’s FCC ID?
I was trying to record a new remote over here that also didn’t have FCC ID, and figured out that it is IR because the “default” recording didn’t work.
Changing the recording Signal Type to IR made it. Could you try to confirm your remote isn’t IR with a very powerful transmission that can travel around rooms while you don’t hear back from Azeus?

If you are not sure on how to record using IR, I recorded this quick video to exemplify how to set the signal type and posted it on Google Drive because I can’t send it here (only images are accepted).
Good to mention that you need to hit the Save button on both Signal Type (upper left) and Advanced Settings (central bottom with blue background) screens.

My answer has not been answered yet.

Thanks for the video. I just tried to use IR and it didn’t work for me. Also, I can use the remote from a different room (with the door closed), so I’m pretty sure it’s using RF.

Hmm. Without an FCCID how is it sold in the USA… but anyways, that means we cannot simply check the regulatory filing to determine the frequency. Your next option (if you’re patient and very curious :slight_smile: ) would be to use a tool like RTL-SDR to find the frequency (“rtl-sdr”&qid=1615485396&s=electronics&sr=1-3).