Automating Fireplace

Hello, I have a fireplace added to my Bond that I am successfully able to control. However, I do not see an option to schedule anything for the fireplace. Is this possible?

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Hi @gambit07 , welcome to the Bond forum!

For safety reasons, we do not support schedules for fireplaces in the app.

Maybe you can achieve this using an integration, like Alexa or Google Home, but keep safety in mind.


Do you think that’s really necessary? Don’t all fireplace setups controlled by a remove already include safety timers/shut downs? I know mine does.

I’m not sure of the model for this fireplace, but it does not have an auto shutdown that I’ve encountered so it would have to be longer than 24 hours. Thanks @endy, I did set this up through google assistant shortly before you responded and it has been working great.