Feature Request: Fireplace Lights

It’s great that I can control my fireplace’s blower, but many gas fireplaces have an integrated accent light. It’d be nice if there were commands to support this.


If you close and open your app again, you will be able to record Light On/Off and Toggle to your Fireplace


Works great, thanks!

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Is adding commands like this an easy thing? I ask because my fireplace has a few other options, for example right now all I can set the fan speed to is low/medium/high, there is no way to turn it off that I can see (though the FpFan documentation doesn’t seem to exist?). The other thing my fireplace has is an “Ambiance burner” - in addition to the flame height for the main flame, this is a secondary flame that has an on/off state. It’d be great if I could control that as well.

You could manually add more commands to the device, but the downside is, they would only work within the app. To get support on Alexa + Google Home, we need to add support for specific “features” that are found in many devices.

In this case, I’d recommend adding the “Living Room Ambiance Burner” as a second fireplace, separate from the “Living Room Fireplace”. Then you get the benefit of voice integrations just working.

Hmm if you guys might add support for more commands in the future I think I’d rather just wait. If I make it a separate device that screws up the fact that it is a “child” meaning if I turn off the fireplace, Bond won’t know that the Ambiance burner is off too. That would also help with this, but I don’t think that would help me add an off command to the fireplace fan.

I think it’s just best to wait for you guys to do it so it’s done right.

This one would be easy. Yeah I must have overlooked documenting that feature, I’ll get it in soon. There is a “TurnFpFanOff” action and a “TurnFpFanOn” action, and we’re adding recordable commands with those actions now.

Something like this is so far not on our roadmap. However, the 2.7.12+ firmware has limited, undocumented support for script-defined devices, and we’ll be rolling out more a more fully-developed version of this feature with accompanying documentation over the next few weeks. Such a device could be defined by a Lua script. However, I think a higher-level integration — Google Home, Alexa, Hubitat, etc. — would be the best fit for defining this sort of parent/child relationship.

Hey guys, you can now record Fan On/Off on fireplaces! Just close and open the app again to fetch the new definitions!