Android widget not working

My widgets stopped loading on my Pixel 6 today. They’ve been working with no issues and then all of a sudden they stopped showing up. Just saying that they’re loading. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled that app and rebooted the phone and still no change. Any suggestions??

Can’t speak to Pixel 6 - but my OnePlus 8 Pro (Android 11) is working with the widgets, while my Pixel 5 (Android 12L Beta 2) widgets display the same “Loading” hang / bug.

@endy - let us know if there is something we can help you test on Pixels / Android 12.

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Just started working.

Thanks for the report!
There was indeed a change introduced in Android 12 that was preventing our widgets from working as expected.
We fixed it in v2.38.1.

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Thanks, @natan! Confirmed working again for me as well on the Pixel 5 / Android 12L.

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