3.3.8 Today Widget Not Loading

I have noticed that my Today Widget is not working on 3.3.8 with iOS 15.5. It says it won’t load. Everything is working and looking ok in the Bond App. I have tried turning them all off and on again and removing the widget and rebooting the phone. Any other ideas?

Just found this thread which suggests fix in progress.


Hey @Stinsonddog

This is fixed on the app v.2.40.1, available on the App Store.

Can you confirm that it is fixed for you too? Then I think we can close the thread, right? :smile:

Oh yes been working since you released it. Sorry I didn’t update the thread.

FYI this thread is still open and if I knew this would work I would buy another Bond.


Thanks for your work and efforts. We love the Bond in our home.

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Thanks for showing me the other thread!

I will ask Guy to give it some attention as soon as he returns from vacation (some weeks from now).

Will close this thread but feel free to send me a message if you face new issues with the widget or want a follow-up about the Blinds.