[SOLVED] v2.36.0 Android App Update Force Closes

Just updated from the playstore to v.2.36.0 and the app instantly force closes. Rebooted, un installed and re installed, no change. Downgraded to previous app version until a fix. My phone is a Motorola Edge Plus running Android 11.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into it.

@KMDonlon confirmed here. Crashing on some devices. We will ship a fix ASAP.

Appreciate the quick response… looking forward to the update. Thank you very much! :+1:

Same crash with my Android app. Looking forward to the fix.

to help in triaging if you need it - I am not experiencing crashes launching 2.36.0 on my Android 11 OnePlus 8 Pro.

v.2.36.1 working perfectly :smiley:


Indeed we submitted the fix to Google last night. Apparently they approved overnight and it is now available.