Widget problem with IOS v1.115 (4)

I have noticed with the last few BETA’s that had a firmware update installed, a short time after or even the first time opening the widget it will not load. This always requires the removal of the App from the iPhone then a reinstall and logon fixes it every time. Today after adding a new BOND and the firmware the widget became unavailable. I am hoping someone else can verify this particular problem.

Hmm. We will try first verifying with the production apps, and circle back to betas if we can’t reproduce there. – Thanks for the heads up!

Here is a screenshot of what happens. This has happened with the last two BETA’s.

I see the same problem with the unable to load

I see that as well. I also frequently see Bond start then disappear when I launch it when it was forced closed previously, but it is running in the background at that point so I can double-click the button on the iPhone to list running apps and choose it there and it works or I can just click the icon to launch it again at that point and it works.

Thanks for reporting the issues with the widget not loading on iOS. We are still trying to reproduce here.

After the last few updates my widget is working again and I like the option of being able to choose which of the buttons to make available in the widget. I didn’t notice that option previously if it existed.

All working for me except the missing Icons for the state remotes.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for testing and reporting issues with the widget! It was a big help with debugging.