Alexa deleted Bond Skill

Hi! Just bought a few months ago in Home Depot a new fan with Bond; until today it was installed and the Alexa App says that the Bond Skill was deleted. Can someone help me with this, it cost $150 extra dls and doesn’t work.

Image translates:
You have reached Alexa’s knowledge capacity.
This skill doesn’t exist anymore.

(Sorry I’ve got my phone in Spanish)

I don’t use Alexa, but I think I remember seeing on here some time ago there was an eventual replacement of the Bond skill with the newer Bond Home skill.
Do you see that one instead?

See here:

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@residualimages is right, we deprecated the “Bond Bridge” skill, but I’m having trouble finding the correct “Bond Home” skill on the Mexico Alexa Skill “store”.

I thought we were live in Mexico in Spanish for Alexa… checking on this end.


@jessieungo Looks like we are not live in Mexico in Spanish for Alexa, but it is on the roadmap already!

Actually, we’re restricted to the US store right now, and only in English.