iOS Beta v1.115.1(4) on TextFlight

Installed this version, had to remove it as the widget was unable to load. Reinstalled and it is working, but as the same graphical problem with State remote in the widget.

I updated my Bond app to this version and my widget shows a blank space now where it used to show all of my devices, I tried removing the app and re-installing and after re-setting up the widget and turning on my devices it is still a large window that says unable to load and if I force close the Bond app and re-open it and look at the widget settings all of the devices are off again.

The fix for that is remove the Application and reinstall, then log in again and set up the widget from the app.

Thanks Joel, that is what I tried and it still isn’t working. It’s not a big deal as I don’t use the widget much mostly Alexa.