Where best to put feature request?

Couldn’t be happier with my Minka Aire SBB’s … except for one leeeeetle thing about how the API handles TurnLightOn/Off, to wit that it does so RIGHT NOW. I’d like the option for it to fade up/down gently, ideally with variations on said gentleness. (Hate it all you want, UPB has that fantastic variable fade rate.)

So, the Q is, where best to put a request like this? I swear I remember a github somewhere but dang if I can find it atm.

– A

What kind of fade periods are you looking for? Few seconds or tens of seconds or longer?

Mostly the former. My defaults on the UPB are like 0.8-1.6 seconds. I do have one scene (going to bed) where it was longer, like 10-15 seconds, to give me time to waddle from the switch without tripping over things. Worst case, however, I can hand-code that one.

Can’t see the need for anything more than 15-30 seconds, certainly, and the few times I’ve done it by accident on the UPB it’s only aggravated me =))

– A

Hmm. Sorry, but because of how the fans are implemented (Bond firmware does not directly control the light), those short few second transitions are not possible. I haven’t tried yet, but perhaps 10-second or longer transitions could be made to work reasonably smooth.

No worries, thanks for answering. That is more informative than you know, as that like means whacking repeated calls would be … suboptimal. =))

– A