Need Buttons Created on the App Specifically for Our Product

Just saw an email where API is now open and available to developers, does this mean if we hire someone who knows to program API on Bond we are able to create our own button and category?

We manufacture furniture with RF remotes and want to fully implement the Bond unit into them but the categories are just not listed.

Can anyone direct me in the proper direction to accomplish this or find a programmer who is would be capable to do this?

Just a Bond fan-club member here, and early adopter.

Curious as to what furniture / actions / button types you need.

Also, do your target devices operate in the frequency ranges supported by Bond Bridges?

New revision Bond Bridges: 285.5 - 505.5 MHz
Original revision Bond Bridges: 300 - 450 MHz

There are abilities to record nearly any RF signal in those ranges even if the remote is not in the database, but assigning a button / action that makes sense may be difficult.

The Bond Bridge currently works fine RF 285.5 - 505.5 MHz the issue is the Names and Icons on the application it self.

Being that it’s furniture, I don’t want our customer to pick other Icons like, Fan, Fireplace, Curtains etc… I’m looking to have a category either Smart Furniture, Dining Tables, or even a Brand Name added to the set-up selections.

Figured that was your main issue, but wanted to double check base level compatibility (as some folks have been disappointed to see no xx GHz support).

I think there was some interest in allowing creation of custom types, devices, and commands (and hopefully therefore buttons) - but not sure where this is on the list of development priorities for the BOND team.

I’m hoping @merck or @jacob (or others on the team) could weigh in for you (and others interested in the same), Andy.

Bond also has some partner manufacturer discussions from what I gather but not sure the options there. Again, speaking with @merck or others (@jacob ?) is the route I’d pursue if I were a manufacturer.

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I would defiantly be interested to talk to Bond team about becoming a Partner manufacturer… @merck