Bond Bridge Pro and Pico fan control

I have a number of Minka Aire fans that have SBB. When turning on the light switch, there is a 3-5 second delay before the light comes on, which is very annoying. I don’t want to wall mount the fan remotes as a hack solution for this. I saw that the Bond Bridge Pro supports using Pico remotes, but from the language in the article, it sounds like this functionality is in testing and may not make it to production. I don’t want to dump a bunch of money into Picos and a BBP if that feature may disappear.

Does anyone have a good solution for the light switch problem, or know if the BBP / Pico functionality will continue to exist?

I hear you there. On some recent models we’ve gotten that time down to < 1 sec, but on the older fans we couldn’t improve it with just an OTA update.

Pico support on BBP is in production and used in a lot of shade installs. Used less for ceiling fans, so let me give it a spin here and make sure this is supported in reality as well as it is in my head…

Thanks. These are brand new Minka Aire Veer models, so the fans themselves aren’t old. No idea how long that model has been around though.

Here’s a video with an honest look at the current level of support for Pico controlling SBB fan via Bond Bridge Pro. TL;DW: Seems to work reasonably well, but I did notice a few missed commands which might be frustrating.

There will be another way to do it, using the WCS-100 SBB wall switch changed to Sidekick mode, that would cost ~12x less than adding a BBP, but does require power to a wall box:

[EDIT: This WCS-100 + SBB is going to require some work before it is ready. Will update when we have a stable beta for this capability.]

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@merck, can you explain more about switching this to Sidekick mode, especially how that works without a Bond Bridge Pro? Unless I misunderstood the sentence above…

Sure! I’ll try to make a video today.

So, WCS-100 + Smart by Bond fans is not working as expected. We are only marketing the keypad function of WCS-100 for doing multi-way switching among wall switches. The architecture supports control of SBB of Bridge devices too, but we’ve got some issues to iron out there before I can recommend it.

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The WCS-100 might be a solution for me once you guys have it working. Does it install in a single gang box like a regular switch? I’ve got 3 Decora style rocker switches at each location with a fan - one for the fan, one unused for the fan light, and a third for a switched outlet that I don’t use. It’s hard to tell from the online pictures, but it looks like the ‘switch’ part sticks out quite a bit from the wall.

Yes it’s single gang. Should fit in modern US workboxes unless you’ve got too much wire in there.

I’m not clear on the Pico model support. Your doc says it’s compatible with ClearConnect type A. Is that also referred to by some other name? It’s not referenced under System Compatibility here - but there are a few other types.

Basically just the Picos, and AFAIK, all the Picos.