Weather Controlled Blinds

I don’t have a smart bridge, wondering if there’s a way to do this without one. I have the Bond Bridge Pro currently.

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Are you trying to say, if weather is such-and-such, then close (or open) the blinds?

The Bond Bridge / Bridge Pro have Schedules, but for anything that is If-Then (dynamic response to mutable environmental attributes or similar), you’ll have to get a little more complicated than just a Bridge / Bridge Pro.

As in, you’ll need a sensor (ambient light? weather station [either physically or through some online service]? temperature? humidity?) AND some sort of smart home central controller to send the Bridge / Bridge Pro certain API commands if and when those sensors / triggers match the condition you specify.

You could take a look this thread.

Yes If it’s sunny and above 80, close blinds, sunny and below 40 open blinds, but only between these times. Reason I ask is rain point can do these conditions without a 3rd party smart hub; just the location and it figures out the weather in my area and acts accordingly.

That kind of functionality is not part of Bond Bridge, at least at this time.
(Nor have I heard of that coming in the future.)

GitHub - bondhome/bond-cli: Bond Command Line Interface & GitHub - open-meteo/open-meteo: Free Weather Forecast API for non-commercial use looks like I can make something to do what I want with a Raspberry Pi Zero. Bummer you don’t have local weather planned in your dev roadmap. Thanks for your help.

Something like that would likely work. Remember the Schedule feature of Bond would not be directly used by you, it would all be handled by the Pi getting the weather at x-minute (or hour) intervals, and then the Pi sending a command, if appropriate, to the Bridge via Bond API.

I don’t know with any certainty if the Bond team DOES or DOES NOT have such functions on their roadmap, but they haven’t mentioned it anywhere I’ve seen.

I decided to make a lightweight device action bash script as bondhome/bond-cli seems harder to use

Cool. Working for you as desired I believe?

Would love to know how this works?

You’ll need a Linux computer running locally or something that can run bash scripts. From there I’ll automatically scan the local network for bond allowing you to select the one you want to use. It’ll then get a list of all devices prompting you for the one to use. Once done it’ll get the device state and ask for what action you’d like to do.

At the end of the script it’ll output how to run that same action very quickly via command line arguments.

So the weather part isn’t in this, it’s just a user friendly way to interact with bond devices running an action.

Thanks. I was hoping to use the weather part to control shades.

How’s the Hubitat approach working? Any progress there?

It’s working like a charm. Thanks.

Glad to hear it! Didn’t want to hijack this thread, but since your sensor based components are working well, and in service of staying on topic here, I wondered if you’re thinking to add some weather based / triggered Rules to your controller (Hubitat) next?

Yes I really would like to add that. Clouds, Wind, Rain all changes I like to add.

So from Bond Local API I can get the timezone and lat/long

Using the hdate program I can get this info
sunrise: 06:15
sunset: 19:56
midday: 13:05

Then using the gridpoints service
I can get the weather info

temp: 47F
apparentTemperature: 45F
heatIndex: 45F
relativeHumidity: 78%
maxTemp: 69F
minTemp: 45F
skycover: 15% (100% is very cloudy)
wind: 4.6mph
gust: 6.9mph
transportWind: 6.9mph (Transport Wind: The average wind over a specified period of time within a mixed layer near the surface of the earth.)

I think this is all the info we’d need right? Dawn is before sunrise and Dusk is after sunset so I don’t think those are that useful.

Seems like you’re well on your way to getting the pieces together for a custom, weather-aware script running on your Linux box. :+1:

I hid my token string in the following screenshots. I found this to have a better ux than the official cli tool

First run

Second run is quicker as it doesn’t have to gather all the data. If you want to repeat the action done at the end of the script it gives you the command to run to make that happen.

If the IP address of your bond has changed it’ll automatically rescan the network so that the command will not fail. I’ll probably add groups to this; not sure about schedules.

Added in a readme and directions on how to use it. Definitely for the more advanced users who know how to use linux bash. Happy to say that it does do weather controlled blinds for me. Should be able to handle any type of device bond supports. I currently have it closing all motorized shade devices one at a time 1 hour before sunset and then depending on the time and outside temp it’ll open and close blinds. GitHub - mikecarper/bondhome: command line actions via curl

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Thanks for taking the time to document for the community!