Open windows and blinds

I have Somfy motorized screens on 4 windows with operable transom windows that we occasionally open for fresh air. I am trying to solve scheduling the screens to come down when the transoms are open vs. closed. I don’t want them to come down when the transom windows are open. Is there a way I can do that?

Just a thought beyond having the transom window included in the home automation with motor operation.
How about a contact sensor used for security as a signal element that will either enable or disable the respective screen to close. This could be done by some smart custom control function that experts on this forum could advise on.

That’s exactly what I thought. Contact closed (window closed) Contact open (window open) but I don’t know how to tell Bond’s schedule that.

It is not politically smart to point out here that Bond as other system integrators are not on a path to solve all automation challenges. So I can see their role as valuable part of a global integration scheme with high level of transferability of functions at the next level of integration.

I would suggest for this kind of use case that a different controller br responsible for the schedule, then, and not Bond directly.
As in, use Home Assistant, Hubitat, ISY, or your controller of choice to make a schedule that sends Bond an API command to open or close on schedules you define on that controller, if and only if the proposed contact sensor (as seen by the third-party controller) is in the state which should allow the Bond API command to be sent.

(Also, welcome to the forums, @KMWNAZ !)

If you figure it out without having to delve into coding, please let us know. I need a similar solution.

No coding needed, Hubitat hub with Bond Integration. Then use Hubitat and a zwave contact sensor. And setup a simple rule.

That sounds easy. thanks.

Forgot to ask. These would be wireless contacts correct? That’s what I need.

Yes, zwave and zigbee are wireless. Hubitat hubs are amazing and if you get a account for $30 a year, it’s really powerful. You can have a panel
up in 10min, looks good too.

Try to get Zwave Plus contact sensors like this one

here’s the Hubitat too that would work

or the latest one with super long range -

Once you have the Hubitat up, just add the built in app “Bond Integration”
all your devices will show up under Hubitat and you can run many advanced filters on it.

Add your zwave contact sensors and you’ve got your solution

Great. Thanks for you help. Appreciate it.

Wondering if you can help again.

in place, I have a new Hubitat Hub, my Bond device, and all windows I am working on have contacts on them. All show up Devices.

What I am trying to do is execute using the Bond schedule closing and opening motorized screens while using the exception of windows being opened or closed. ( contact open or closed)
Open -screens do not operate - Closed - screens operate

The Bond schedule has the times to close and times to open.

Can you direct me on how I can accomplish this?


You can accomplish that inside of your Hubitat Hub now, use “Rule Machine” you’ll have to add it as an App under “add built in app” , then just create the rule.

Thanks for the quick reply helping out the community, @oakweb !

Just a point of clarification:
Importantly, since you won’t use Bond’s schedule at all, you’ll need to delete the existing schedules from Bond.

As @oakweb indicated, you’ll set up the schedule in Hubitat to send an Open or a Close to Bond at the specified times if and only if the sensor is in the state you require (via the Rules mentioned).

Thanks, for the heads-up on “rules”. I am totally new to all of this. I looked RULES over and WOW - that’s a little more complex.

I am not sure how this should be addressed (e.g. what would the first and subsequent steps be?)
Do I start off with the TIME restraints (i.e. only after sunup), or the CONTACT (closed)

In a perfect world, I would

  • run the rule every day at SUN UP and
  • check first to see if the CONTACT is closed. and if it is
  • lower shades if not
    -end rule

Thanks fro the help.

Any help on writing this rule would be great.

@oakweb has been very kind and helpful, and seems like they have the most ready familiarity with this.

My Hubitat knowledge is pretty much zero, but what you’ve outlined above makes sense. They do have some Rule Machine examples you could likely adapt, and their own forum to ask for specifics there if you don’t get a response here.

Thanks! I’ll drop a line in there.

Check the conditions on the rule app, you can specify all of that. E.g. “IF contact is closed” ignore, etc.

And you could always issue a closed command, even if it is already closed. Won’t hurt it. There’s even an option on some rules that say ignore if already closed. But I just send a closed command regardless of its position on mine.