Bond Bridge API for Control4


recently i switched my old Somfy RTS 16 channel RS232 transmitter out for a Bond Bridge which i have integrated in my Control4 system, i only run into 1 issue, with the old transmitter i was able to set the blinds to their favorite position but with the Bond Bridge it can’t be done, i contacted the creator of the driver for the bond bridge and he came back with this:

Hi Ray,

This is a limitation of the Bond Bridge API that was supplied by the manufacturer to the developers. The developers are limited by the provided API on what commands, functions they can provide in the driver. If the developers were able to provide this function they would defiantly be willing to add this feature. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Driver Ninja

Is it possible that this function would be added to the API since i can’t set the blinds to their favorite position now.

We have an action on the API called Preset. It is not available for all motor technologies, but it is available for RTS. I would link to the documentation but it seems to not be documented.

OK here’s a little writeup: Feature: Preset by chrismerck · Pull Request #96 · bondhome/api-v2 · GitHub

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I contacted the creator of the driver with this info.