Watchdog api endpoint and running locally

Greetings! I contacted support and was directed to post here.

I recently bought a bond bridge to control some RF fans. My IoT network is disconnected from the internet; only allowing devices through for setup when needed. The bond bridge works great with home assistant using the local api, but I found that it was rebooting and still broadcasting its wifi setup network.

When searching I found the posts:

Which both mention a future option to disable to cloud watchdog/reboot. After looking at the local api docs, I found:


Which seem to indicate that this feature was added! Unfortunately I am unable to use either endpoint; the bond bridge just gives me a 404. I am able to use other endpoints, and the /v2/sys/version endpoint returns:

{“target”:“zermatt”,“fw_ver”:“v2.28.0”,“fw_date”:“Tue Nov 2 19:07:06 UTC 2021”,“uptime_s”:248,“boot_patch”:“not first boot”,“make”:“Olibra”,“model”:“BD-1000”,“branding_profile”:“OLIBRA_BD1000”,“bondid”:“xxx”,“upgrade_http”:true,“api”:2,"_":“xxx”}

The local api docs also mentions “If enabled, Bond will reboot if not connected to Bond Cloud within first 10 minutes of boot, or if disconnected for 3 minutes.” and that any http traffic to the bond bridge resets the watchdog timer, so I created a script that sends a request to the version endpoint every 5 minutes, but the bridge still brings up the Bond Config wifi ap. It seems to bring it up very quickly as well; within 60 seconds of the device being plugged in. Are the watchdog reboot and open access point separate things?

Is there any way I can get the bond to stop broadcasting the open access point?

I haven’t messed with the endpoints, but the documentation seems incorrect.

On my ZZ device, I see the watchdog endpoint under /v2/sys/wifi/watchdog rather than directly under /v2/sys/watchdog like the documentation shows (incorrectly).

Thanks for the tip! The endpoints were indeed accessible at /v2/sys/wifi/watchdog. PATCHing rwdg_disable to true did stop the constant rebooting, so now I can get past 600s of uptime. I also tested taking my wifi router offline, waiting a bit and then bringing it back up and the device does still reconnect successfully.

Unfortunately its still bringing up the Bond Config ap, even with the watchdog turned off :frowning: Looking at the api docs I’m not seeing anything hopeful for disabling this; the closest might be to connect via ethernet and then use the /v2/debug/wifi endpoint to shut off the wifi radio; and since that doesn’t persist past restart I’d need to make a script to monitor the state and shut it down if it popped back up. Unfortunately that requires the Bond Pro to even try, which is 4x as expensive and doesn’t support IR.

I can’t leave it broadcasting all the time as it means anyone could take over the device just by getting in range (and it’s either rebooted in the last 10 mins, or they brute force the pin). I think its fine for initial setup (and providing the hosted setup that allows me to connect it to wifi without the app was great!), but once initial setup is done even if I wasn’t trying to run local only honestly I don’t want it broadcasting and being insecure just because the internet, or bond’s server, or my wifi, etc is temporarily down. There seems to be a reset button to allow resets, which means I can reset it; that is what should have it broadcasting the wifi ap again.

Whenever one of the Bond staff get a chance to stop by the forums (@merck or @endy or others), maybe they can give an update.

If you felt comfortable going to the beta channel (I honestly don’t find it unstable or anything), I believe they were working on some of the AP broadcast scenarios in the new firmware. (See your first link in your original post)

Thanks for your post @Acorns and thanks for tagging me @residualimages !

Just discussed this with the team. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the AP to show up if not connected to the cloud right now.
We tested it on the Bond Bridge Pro and it also broadcasts the Config AP if the connected ETH network doesn’t have internet access.

A “total offline” operation and the reset button change (to bring back the config AP) are on our roadmap for the v3.
Good to mention that we still don’t have a timeframe for the release right now, but we’re already working on it.

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Thanks for the reply. Is the v3 new hardware, or a new software release?

Right now, “v3” is referring to a major software release. No new hardware. — And, the “v2” hardware (ZZ, ZP units) will fully support the v3 firmware and apps.

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