V4.6.2-beta for BD-1000

All Bridges with serial numbers starting with Z now have a new beta available.

Beta: Friday 28 June 2024
Stable: ETA Monday 8 July 2024 (to give enough time for testing)

This is the first stable v4 release for BD-1000. It’s a minor release for the Pro bridges (BD-17xx).

The 3 major features now available on BD-1000 are:

  • Scenes
  • support for linking a Sidekick to devices on BD-1000. Note that a Pro bridge still required to listen for the Sidekick signals.
  • Groups start together, when supported by the motor technology (as Bond Bridge Pro does)

Changes Since v4.5.4

  • We now aggregate group commands when possible, so that supported technologies move together like they do on Bond Bridge Pro.

Works with Bond

  • remotes::RMS252: Add BON AOK Screen for Weatherproof Pergola
  • remotes::RMS163: Bon AM motor
  • remotes::RMS35: Tx SetPosition for Open/Close when slider
  • remotes::RMS76: Bofu 3 bursts for reliability
  • remotes::RMS136: Ronco, Tx twice for reliability
  • remotes::RMS352: Select Blinds Lift&Tilt
  • remotes::RMS169: GAMA RFT340-4PR-TO
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FYI we added a slider for Ronco technology in v4.6.3-beta.

FYI v4.6.5-beta releasing today for BBP which:

  • avoids need for reboot when enabling PowerView integration
  • fix issue introduced in v4.6.1 where Sidekick and Breeze Pro reception was broken
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