V3.12.6 Critical Issue please update to .7

For any users of BD-1000 (Bond Bridge): Please be advised we have found a serious problem in firmware v3.12.6 (released yesterday) which causes intermittent control of RF devices, especially Somfy and Rollease shade motors. We urge you to update your Bridge to v3.12.7 to avoid inconvenience of control problems.

There is no data loss, just control problems. Our testing shows that reliability is restored in the v3.12.7 without re-programming anything.

This does not effect the Bond Bridge Pro, even if they are on v3.12.6.

Thank You for Your understanding.


Hello, I have not updated in a while and have 3.8.4-beta firmware on my Bond Bridge Pro. I use it exclusively with Somfy shades. The ”latest version” shown for me is 3.12.6-beta. I see that the issue being discussed doesn’t affect the Pro bridge but should I wait until 3.12.7-beta appears, just in case? I will say that everything has been running pretty well with 3.8.4. Happy to dive back into beta testing but was curious why 3.12.7 wouldn’t even be showing as an option. Thanks!

You will not see v3.12.7 for the Bond Bridge Pro (BD-1750). The issue we had only impacted Bond Bridge (BD-1000). We don’t release the new firmware version to BD-1750 because otherwise everyone who already updated to v3.12.6 would see another update notification for v3.12.7, but there is literally no difference for BD-1750 customers.

We could consider some different release policy or update notice scheme to make this easier, but it’s not immediately clear how to adjust the scheme to be more clear without going to automatic updates hidden to the end-user as many IoT products do.

Please, never this!
I like the current method you’ve worked out; I also like the sparingly used direct email for “you have an affected product on an affected firmware which needs a critical update and why” so that you catch non-forum folks.

Ultimately I’d like to go for an opt-in system for automatic updates (and automatic backups to cloud). That way people can go on autopilot and just not worry about it, or by default maintain the current level of control.

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Might need to split the approach if you suggested a default - auto update on stable channel makes more sense, but if a user is targeted to the beta channel, an auto update might be less welcome.

Appreciate Bond’s strategy of user choice, though, regardless.

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I have a BD-1000 and I’m on v3.3.13-beta, I cant get back on stable and it appears I’m behind in firmware updates or is my BD-1000 some older version that can’t be updated any more?

What are the first two characters of your BD-1000’s serial?

Serial number starts with BD

The older BD-serial / first-generation devices are not really updated much any longer, if at all. Since this particular critical issue 3.12.7 revision was for those of us who got on 3.12.6, you shouldn’t be affected.

Your beta firmware of 3.n.n has more functionality than the 2.n.n most BD-serials would be stuck on (in stable). I’m not sure there is a viable downgrade path from v3 to v2, so if you’re not experiencing issues, I’d stay put.
If you are experiencing issues, maybe start a thread about those specifically, and/or chat with Bond support directly in the app. They are fairly quick to respond.