V2.6.32-beta multiple issues

I am seeing two issues new to this version of beta firmware.

  1. The config wifi network is still running even after the bond bridge has connected to my internal wifi network

  2. Constant DHCP renewal requests every 3-20 seconds. My DHCP server logs are a mess.

The bridge is working with my Minka Aire fan, but definitely some flaws in this version that did not exist in prior versions.

Me personally - I still do not see any of the setup SSIDs under this firmware. (Both BD and ZZ Bridge revisions, as well as PBB unit).

Looking in to items 1 & 2, I believe they’re closely related.

Can you go into detail here? Do you see flaws when using the app, integrations, or the local API?

I posted in another thread the fact that I cannot program my Hunter fans. Also, at some point yesterday afternoon the API stopped working entirely. I can still ping the bridge, but it won’t respond to the API. Given the very strange state both my bridge and account seem to be in, I would prefer to start over with a clean slate, as I mentioned in the PM I sent you.

Oh, I assumed the issue was you were unable to call the IncreaseSpeed and DecreaseSpeed actions, I didn’t realize you were unable to even record them! Based on this info I can make a quick fix.