Universal Wifi 4 speed ceiling fan

I was wondering if these are still being produced. They have been out of stock for a while now.

I really like the bond model as they integrate really well with home assistant and haven’t had any of the modules burn out. I don’t know who actually makes them other than “Home Depot” as there are no markings on them. I noticed Home Depot has gone back to its older design but sticking with wifi. It looks like they are made/powered by Afero. There was a comment about the new Afero ones being compatible with the bond hub but I don’t have one of those hubs since all of the current fan modules directly connect to wifi and I really don’t want to add another hub to my house. If the bond model isn’t being produced anymore what is the new go-to module?

Chris Merck from the Bond staff mentioned this one, though I haven’t personally bought one yet (I got several of the Home Depot / “Hampton Bay” ones you linked and they’re great for AC motor fans - though cannot be used with DC motor fans as far as I know).

Thanks @residualimages
I just purchased one of those MCSMRC units I should get it in about a week. Once I get it hooked up I’ll let you know.

I too have several of those Home Depot Hampton Bay ones. I originally had several of the previous models of those which were zigbee. Just about all of those the Zigbee burnt out and I replaced them with the HD/HB Smart by Bond ones and they have been great ever since. I’m in the process of putting up fans in a new house and went to get more of the HD/HB wifi ones and was like wait a minute those aren’t Bond units anymore.