Replacement for the Home Depot universal fan controller

Is there another option on the market that is bond enabled to switch out AC fans? The Home Depot generic one seems to be discontinued or no longer available.

I have not used this but it looks just like the HD controllers I have.

AND looks like it needs this receiver:

Assuming you mean this one, which I’ve bought and used in the past?
Seems to be out of stock or discontinued, yep.

@merck , do you know if that partner has publicly commented on a new revision / replacement model of an SBB universal kit?
Or if any other partner is offering an SBB retrofit unit?

(I had hoped that this item was a replacement, but it’s a “HubSpace” vs SBB kit)

I’ll check with our partner who sells on HD what the stock situation is.

EDIT: Hang on, it shows as in-stock for me. (?)

No zip code I try in Texas has had it for at least a month or two, in store or for shipping.

Same here. No dice for 77007 or 96761.

I think the only stock available is local store stock.

I ended up finding one on ebay since I couldn’t get one at of Home Depot

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I went hunting for another one do upgrade a few more fans but it looks like Home Depot and eBay are both no longer options now.

Any ideas if these will ever be back in stock?

@merck - did you ever get a chance to check with your partner on current stock / future plans (if publicly shareable)?