No Bond bridge needed with this remote?

I have seven identical dumb ceiling fans at home. They are all wired such that the wall switch kills both the fan and lights. Ultimately I’d love to be able to separate control of fan and lights, ideally integrated with Hubitat/Lutron.

Is this product going to help me? Is the Bond bridge required?

This is a universal kit that works for (AC-motor) fans + any integrated light kit and integrates Smart by Bond technology in the receiver itself, and will not need a Bridge separately to control any fan with one of these.

Now, if you don’t change the wiring in your wall switch, the wall switch will still kill the power that feeds this receiver and therefore it won’t be able to control the fan nor the lights until the wall switch is turned back on. There are pros and cons of that; some of us end up wiring the wall switch to always be ON (and therefore it does nothing) and/or replacing the original switch with a smart switch (Z-Wave, Insteon, Lutron, etc) that we integrate into controlling the fan and/or light.

In any case, as long as the power is ON to the universal kit, it can then independently control fan and light through the Bond app (without a Bridge), plus any integrations you pair it with - either voice assistants directly once configured, and/or through Hubitat (or other API-compatible control system of choice).