Unable to add device with same name but in different rooms

My home setup:
Single Bond Bridge

Configured Rooms
-Guest Bedroom
-Master Bedroom

Each room has a ceiling fan in it that has both a fan and a light. I set up the Den ceiling fan first and named the device “Ceiling Fan”. When I set up the second ceiling fan device in the Guest Bedroom, I am unable to name the device “Ceiling Fan” as I receive an error that “a device is already using this name”. Same for the ceiling fan device in the Master Bedroom. The only way that Ihave been able to add the device is to name them “Ceiling Fan”, Ceiling Fann", and “Celing Fannn” which odd.

Is there a way to give the devices in different rooms the same name?

Welcome, @dndkilgore.

As far as I know, that is expected.
If one of the Bond staff members come through here and say otherwise, I would of course defer to them.

As I see it, there are a few design considerations that Bond seem to have made over the years - and one of them being the devices must have unique names (somewhat similar to some other smart home ecosystems / controllers).
This enables a few different positives, including Voice Assistant compatibility; downsides can include the need for unique names.

One of the ways I’ve kind of changed my mental approach for certain devices is to group them in a room called “Virtual”, and then had the names be unique by pre-pending the actual room name to the smart home device name.
For example, assigning fans and lamps from multiple rooms to a room I literally call “Virtual”, then naming them “Living Room Ceiling Fan”, “Office Floor Lamp”, “Guest Ceiling Fan”, “Guest Floor Lamp”, and so on.