Hampton Bay Fan / Light

Hello! I just bought my Bond device and it should be coming in the mail in a few days and am very excited. I do have some questions and I can’t find anything online.

I have a Hampton Bay Fan/Light and I see that it is compatible. When you connect Bond to Google home, does it show one device for the fan and light? Or is it two devices, one light and one fan? On an pixel device you have access to device controls, and that is where I plan on manually turning on and off my fan/light. I want to be able to control the fan and light independently, as in two separate icons on my phone. If it shows as one device, am I able to add the fan with no light options, then using the same remote, add just the light functions to trick it into seeing it as two devices?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

As far as I’ve seen with any Bond fan, the fan and the light are separate devices in Google Home - a “fan” type device and a “light type” device.
Also, voice controls control one or the other with relevant commands.

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Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get my device and play with it. I really appreciate the response!