Multiple ir fan/lights the same wont stay connected

i have same multiple fan/lights in home but bond will only link in one can you help

Based on the title: are all of the devices IR, and are they all in the same room with line of sight to the Bond Bridge?

yes they are all ir and no not in same room and only 2 are in sight of bond bridge

IR will require line of sight for each device to the Bond Bridge.

They do not have IR extenders or anything to work in other rooms, nor can they change your IR devices to RF. App / WiFi control, as well as smart home voice assistant control, will only work when the Bond Bridge can send IR signals directly to your devices.

Are you having trouble with any IR device when the Bond Bridge is in the room with it and has line of sight? You may need multiple Bridges if they all work but you cannot keep the Bridge in just that room.

I have IR fans in different rooms. Only one is in the same room as the Bond hub an is in line of sight. I use an IR extender so Bond can talk to the other room. Works perfect.

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@rikeedee would you like to share more details about that setup for @knackers1955?

thanks for your response on my problem i’m new to the bond and automating my home where can i get an ir extender and do i need one in all rooms i have 7 fan/lights 2 in kitchen/dinning room that work and 5 in other room the bond is in kitchen

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