Can I control multiple of same model fans with single remote?

I’m looking at getting some ceiling fans for my house, and am wondering, if I get multiples of the same fan, do they all need their own remotes to connect to the hub, or can I use a single remote to join them all?

They should all come with their own remotes and receivers - or add a universal remote / receiver.

Technically, if you can find the BOND universal receiver (such as at Home Depot) and your fan is of a type supported by it, you wouldn’t need the BOND Bridge.

But if your fans come with remotes, that’s easy enough to integrate with the BOND Bridge.
Often, if the exact same model of fan is used, you’ll have to change dip switches (or equivalent) on each pair of remote + receiver away from the default for each additional fan beyond the first one.

Does that help at all, or are you more confused now? :slight_smile:

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Just to be totally clear: YES. A lot of restaurants and other commercial spaces do this with Bond Bridge. The Bond Bridge tends to be able to reach all the fans at once, especially if they are all in one large room.

One caveat is that it can be frustrating to deal with multiple fans with the same remote address when they have a toggle light signal (true of all remotes without lcd screens), as the lights can get out of sync with each other.

That said, I would prefer being able to individually control and just use a Google Home room to control them all at once. At that point it doesn’t matter if you use Bridge plus legacy remotes or you use the Smart by Bond kits as Residual suggests (though SBB is more reliable!).