Casablanca 55083 no remote

hey all. I am considering purchasing a bond but would like to know if it is going to work in my situation. The fans did not come with a remote, but I am almost positive the wall switch acts as remote and sends the signal to the controller that is installed in the top of the fan. Is my thinking correct and has anyone attempted to pair a fan like this to a bond? Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

Theoretically, you should be able to teach the Bond the commands but the issue is getting the wall switch close enough to the Bond hub to learn the RF signals during setup. I had a wall remote for my shade but I had to move the hub close to the switch for it to learn the commands. A bit of a pain depending on your WiFi setup. Or, perhaps before you install the switch, you can carry it to the Bond (assuming the remote uses a battery to power it).

Alternatively, I found a universal hand held remote by Casablanca that works with all 5xxxx series fans. Once set up, you could use that to program the Bond hub.

From Casablanca’s website: “The Casablanca 99020 universal remote control is compatible with all 5xxxx series Casablanca fans. This handy remote has 4 speed settings, full-range light dimming, and the Safe Exit™ feature.”

Love the Bond Hub - I have it controlling 8 fans and a window shade- all integrated with Smartthings. Good luck!

Thanks. I will get a bond and if I can’t get it to pair from the wall switch, I can pick up a remote I guess.

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Sure thing. We have 3 Casablanca fans and have no issues with the Bond. Although you need to be close to program it, once set up, the Bond transmit range is excellent - including reaching fans on our outdoor porches and patio.

just got the bond bridge. I paired the first ceiling fan easily. I “learned” one button and it popped up with all of the commands for that fan. The second fan is exactly the same as the first, but it would not find the remote, it basically is having me learn each command which is a bit of a pain. Any idea on how to learn the fan the same was the first fan?

Sometimes if the “template” remote doesn’t pop up when I have the setup process scan for my button, I go back and scan that first button again to try to get the template to pop.
I have had to try up to 3 times sometimes; there is also the option of going into advanced settings in the setup steps, and setting the specific MHz (which you can see on the other working remote) before scanning for your first button.

Not seeing a way to add the template manually. I have tried around 20 times and the template will not come up. On the first fan, the template shows RCF119v2 and that is working great. I am able to schedule, etc. But on the other fan, I would like to have the same options since they are exactly the same fan. As stated in original post, I do not have a remote for either of these fans and am getting the bond to within a couple inches of the wall switch which is actually just the remote transmitter on this fan. If I can manually add the template, that would be ideal. Its weird because on the first fan, it was very easy. Ideas would be appreciated.

Welcome Mychal! — That’s odd that we find a template in our database for the first wall switch but not for the second one if they are the same model. :thinking: You might try:

  • check in “Advanced Settings” that “database search” is enabled
  • do your wall transmitters have DIP switches? (You may need to pop off a cover, possibly even remove it from the gang box). — If so, you could try one of the following tricks:
    1. change the DIP switch on the 1st transmitter to match the 2nd transmitter. Then learn that 1st transmitter into the Bond, and then switch the DIP switches back. — In this way you maintain separate control of each fan and don’t reprogram either fan.
    2. You could also just look at the DIP switches of the second transmitter and then guess the address field and perform a manual device creation via the Bond Local API. Probably harder than (1) above. — Adding the template manually is not something supported in the app, this would require some “command line” chops and grappling with The Documentation.

Its weird because on the first fan, it was very easy. Ideas would be appreciated.

It is weird. If you get stuck, contact Customer Support. It’s helpful if you already have the 1st fan programmed with the template and the 2nd fan programmed manually (at least some of the buttons), so they could investigate.

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I finally got the template to pop up, but it wasn’t the same as the other fan, but I will take it…

So the second one is all functional now?

Yes, all is working but with different templates, which is fine. The original template has a “summer” and “winter” button, but the second fan didn’t get that template. But, not a big deal, at least I have the major functhions of the fan and am able to schedule.