Train fan to recognize bond without remote

I’m completely unable to locate a replacement remote (fcc id KUJCE10612) for my hydra fan but I’m wondering since the freq is known can I just create a new device in the bond using the api with a random id and then train the fan to recognize it? is the bond capable of sending the training signal?

I am not sure if there is something “easy” that you could do without the original remote (even with API, unless someone here in the forums has the raw signal code for the ‘learn’ command), but with some help from official Support channels (chat or call - the forum here is great but it’s not official Support), it’s possible that they would know what remote Template that FCC ID would use, if it is in the database of known and supported remotes.
Then it is possible that they, or someone at the company they could contact, could “push” that device to your Bond account.

I’m sorry it’s a bunch of “maybe” and “possibly” caveats here, but I didn’t want you to feel unheard.

did you call the manufacturer for your fan Harbor Breeze makes the Hydra series
their number is (800) 643 0067 if that helps

thanks for the replies. I think I got lowes to send me a replacement by calling support but its 8 weeks out. I will see if official bond support has any advice

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