One device is missing in response to "/v2/devices/"

The user of my HomeSeer integration reported that one (out of 9) devices isn’t present in the reply to “/v2/devices/”

I asked the user to communicate with you here, alternatively you can reply in HS forum.
Thank you!

{"target":"zermatt","fw_ver":"v2.10.21","fw_date":"Wed Feb 19 15:31:13 UTC 2020","uptime_s":11955,"make":"Olibra LLC","model":"BD-1000","branding_profile":"ZERMATT","bondid":"ZZCC66946","upgrade_http":true,"api":2,"_":"7546b277"}

I am Homeseer user who reported this issue…

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I was poking around the Bond IOS app and noticed that 1 of my devices does not have a Device Id — and this is the missing device. Strange because it shows up separately in the IOS app and is controllable so not sure why this has happened, but I strongly suspect this is why one of the Devices was not created in the Bond Plug-In. The other strange thing is on the Device Page for this Device, there is no … on the upper right of the screen to get into settings .,… there are 2 tiny slide switches instead.

Hi David @Dhuas, it’s Alex plugin author. Did you try deleting and re-creating the missing device?

I will try that… I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that because the original remote is in bad shape and doesn’t work very well, but I will give it a shot and advise, Thanks.

Likely, depending on when the device was added to the Bond Bridge, it was stored as a Cloud device instead of a local device. INSTEAD OF DELETING, just try adding it again as a new device.
If that new device is auto detected and added as a local device (shows up in API), all good.
If that new device is also not showing up in API, delete new device and add it again, this time using advanced mode and bypass database matching; raw record each button. That should force that new, new device to be locally stored and accessible via API.

If either step 1 or step 2 succeed, delete original device.

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I tried adding the Fireplace again. The remote (Napolean / Wolf-Steel W660-0123; FCCID: VA8LB020) has a toggle button. However, I believe the remote sends a discrete OFF and ON signal. When I try to train BOND Bridge, I select Toggle button and it immediately matches to RFP15 and gives me a Power ON and Power OFF button which works. But, this Device looks exactly the same as the original Fireplace and doesn’t get defined by the Bond Homeseer Plug-In. So… I delete it and try again. This time, I use Advanced Mode and turn off database matching. I attempt to train the BOND Bridge Toggle Button pressing the ON/OFF toggle repeatedly — it doesn’t work, I re-try this multiple times. I assume that the RF signal is flipping back and forth, so, I start over. This time, I attempt to train the ON button. I noticed that if I remove the battery the first time I press the toggle on the remote it is always an ON command. So, for training, I press the button on the remote, remove the remote battery, press the on button on the remote, remove the battery … this should be sending a steady stream of ON’s to the Bridge; alas … “something went wrong” and the button will not train. I power cycle the Bond Bridge and start over (after deleting the new Fireplace Device I just created). Once again, it matches to RFP15 and creates the device, however, once again it is not accessible via the API as the Homeseer Bond Plug-in doesn’t pick it up. I don’t understand this … some of my fans were matched to databases, yet they show up in the API???

Most, but not all, remotes in the database are stored locally now / have been for some time - at least as far as I understand.

Does the database RFP15 remote fully work in the Bond app as desired?

@jacob - do you have any good next steps to try, or insight into how to move an RFP15 to local storage?

Yes, that RFP15 remote works perfectly for me; also works with Alexa integration.

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Is there any update on this, or am I out of luck re: using RFP15 (fireplace remote) functions with the API via Homeseer Bond Plug-in?

Also, I have noticed since the plug-in has been running, the Bond Bridge is periodically become unreachable via the IOS app, and the Plug-in is reporting timeout issues. The only way to resolve is to power cycle the bridge; but the problem recurs sometime later. I’m not sure if this is related to the issue I’m having or not. I did notice this issue in the past (before using the plug-in) and instituted a daily power cycle of the Bond Device at 3am each night and didn’t experience any issues when attempted to use it via the IOS app.

No reply :cry: @merck @jacob @residualimages

Sorry, Alex and David - waiting for @jacob or @merck to have a chance to respond.
In the past, they have reminded us we can also reach out to BOND Support directly (website / phone / email) if we need a quicker answer than these forums.

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Sorry for the slow response, I haven’t as been as active on these forums as I used to be. I need to get back into it.

This is one of those remotes that was so rare that we didn’t migrate it over yet. It turned out to be a quick task though, and we’ve just prepared it for the next beta release. I should be able to get a beta version of the firmware that supports this remote to you tomorrow.

You’d need to use the beta app to get this firmware, details on getting that set up can be found here.


Thank you; I have the Testflight IOS app installed.

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Not quite “tomorrow” as predicted, but I’m releasing this now. v2.13.0. If you re-record your remote’s signal, you’ll get a local version of the remote.

Let me know if anything doesn’t work as intended.

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How do I get the beta; I have the Testflight IOS app loaded but it seems to need an invitation?

If the instructions linked above are still accurate like I think they are, click on this link from your iPhone / iPad with Testflight installed.

I was able to upgrade the firmware to v2.14 and my fireplace (RFP15) now has a Device ID whereas it did not before. I am confident that the Homeseer Plug-in will now add the device and will confirm this once I know definitively. THANKS SO MUCH for your attention to this, its most appreciated!