Trex or other low voltage lighting dimmers

Trex, and a few other companies, have an outdoor, low voltage dimmer for their 12 VDC lighting systems. The dimmers seel too have the same RF remote that must be paired to control the dimmer. Does anyone know if this will work with Bond? Has anyone tried? I’m unsure if rolling codes are used, but since there is a pairing process, I suspect it may be.

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I’d be surprised if it used rolling codes, though it’s quite possible. The pairing process commonly just stores a static address in the receiver. We have a partner working on Smart-by-Bond low-voltage lighting dimmers, should be available later this year.

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Thanks for the response. If it is just storing a static address, then I should be able to control is with Bond using the Generic Device and recording the RF signals, correct? If so, are there any limitations for Alexa to send those controls or am I limited to the Bond app for control?

@tlspindler - Hey Tyler, you may find yourself in the same boat as I did, with a “generic” device (which is limited to Power On, Power Off and Power Toggle) may be too constraining.
Looks like from that link you provided you’d need at least Power On/Off/Toggle and also Dim and Brighten.
How I got around this was programming my RF lamp as a “Fireplace” device in the BOND app with database lookup turned off, and manually recording each command.
Then I used the API to rename the command buttons as far as what shows in the BOND app.

Not an Alexa user so I will let others speak to that.

I also purchased the Trex Remote Dimmer and was attempting to set it up on the Bond when I realized there’s no way to configure a dimmable light. It would be a great feature addition to support dimmable lights as a type under ‘Remote Control’

@mservidio - have you tried setting up as a Fan or a Fireplace via manually recording each command and NOT having database search enabled? Then, just don’t record anything for fan buttons, just use the light buttons.