OzRoll E-Series RF Shades

Ok I’m hoping someone may be able to help me out. So the main reason I bought my Bond was so I could automate my outdoor shades which I finally got installed. Prior to install, I knew they were controlled via an RF remote so I assumed I would be able to use it with Bond, but now I’m not so sure.
I have already set up my ceiling fans so I know the unit is all good.

Now when setting up my shades, it’s not listed under the pre-programmed brands so I chose “Other”, then when registering a button, it picks up the button press and frequency fine (433.92), but then when testing the button in the app, it does nothing. The light on the Bond flashes, so I know its sending a signal, but nothing happens to the shades.

Is there something I’m missing or can setup differently? I’ve gone through every pre-programmed brand in the app, but I have no “programming” button like they all use. According to the instructions, to pair a remote, you have to hold the “Stop” button on both the remote and the receiver for 3 seconds. Can something like this be replicated in the app?

Here is a link to their website: Roller Shutter Drive System - E-Series by Ozroll
I have also attached photos of the remote and instructions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: