Thread/Matter support

Will Bond Pro have Thread or Matter support?

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We also do get Bond staff that come through from time to time to assist or get feedback / share details about updates, etc.
I have not seen them mention anything yet about Matter (or Thread).

Since you brought up the topic, what specifically are you hoping for?
In other words, what pieces of the Matter standard do you think would be a value-add to Bond devices?

I’m fairly certain my usage cases for Bond are not the most common, but I have been doing some testing with Matter-capable devices from other manufacturers and I have, so far, not found any significant benefits.
However, my devices (~90% of them anyways), Bond and otherwise, are already locally controlled, through a single interface that I control / maintain myself. I’m all for the promise of Matter, but curious to see how it develops, as right now it is experiencing some growing pains (if not outright delays) across multiple manufacturers.

  • Unified onboarding
    Clunky at present, but sort of works, as long as you’re on the correct version of everything (as a dogfood / beta tester for many apps, there have been entire days or weeks where onboarding of Matter-devices has been broken)
  • Unified app control
    So far, there are fewer options / whistles / bells in the ‘general’ apps vs what the individual OEMs’ apps have offered over the years. A few of the devices I’ve seen are Matter-capable --or-- OEM app supportable; that is to say, once onboarded as a Matter device, they (and any unique additional features they may have in the OEM apps) are no longer available to see / control / update through the OEM app.
  • Local Control
    Seems to mostly live up to the promises so far, but there are still some “gotchas” or “not-required-even-though-it’s-encouraged” from what I can tell. I haven’t done extensive packet sniffing or targeted firewalling / denial of external IP serving to verify what I think I’m seeing about manufacturers choosing bits and pieces of the standards, but I’m sure as the ecosystem develops there will be some in-depth reviews and explorations.
    Then again, I’m already handling 90%+ of my devices myself locally, soooo… this is more a theoretical benefit for the masses than anything I am personally expecting to move the needle on my local vs cloud breakdown.
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Currently my smart home uses HomeKit. Thread connectivity would ultimately be the best as it is a self repairing network. The more Thread devices strengthens the network. I have heard there are issues with Matter. Matter is supposed to supposed to support cross platform for smart home integration. I am currently upgrading my ceiling fans from AC to DC. I love how Bond can connect to the ceiling fan to give the Smart Control.

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