OpenHAB Integration

If anyone would like to try it, I created an add-on for OpenHab for Bond.

Here’s the jar:
And the code:

It should be able to discover and control any type of device, but it’s only tested on the fans and “generic” devices I have. You do have to set up everything with the Bond app first. It’s using the local HTTP api for discovery and periodic low-frequency polling and the BPUP protocol for immediate events.

Feedback is appreciated!


Hi i’ve tried adding it as a custom add on to openhab. it works well! Only thing was it could not automatically detect my bond’s IP address. But once I’ve manually fed it, it works like a charm.

Thanks for doing this add-on!

What is the thing configuration of this? Something like as an example in the openhab binding documentation:

Thing samsungtv:tv:livingroom [ hostName="", port=55000, macAddress="78:bd:bc:9f:12:34", refreshInterval=1000 ]

I also saw that you’ve already written a placeholder website

A piece distinctively however introducing it on an Intel based Atom touchscreen capacitance tabletop touchscreen tablet. The tablet is an analysis kind of on the grounds that I can run Linux, Android or Wintel on it redesigning the EFI boot rom on it. Just thing is that it has 512Mb of play room. It runs Ubuntu 14.04 fine and dandy on it.
Here however figuring it would make a pleasant touchscreen reassure (7") to the Almond +.

Simultaneously additionally “dabbling” with an immediate sequential interface from the Almond + to my Leviton OmniPro II combo board. (well now too X10 and UPB). This would permit the Almond + to convey to some other robotization stuff non remotely (x10 and UPB nowadays).