Teleco Automation Remote Pairing for Stratco Opening Pergola Roof

I live in Australia and have a Stratco Opening Pergola Roof that uses a Teleco Automation remote (FCC ID P59TVEVO916S) (see photos).
I have tried copying the remote via the ‘Other’ new device type. It seems to copy the signals but they Bond commands don’t work possibly because they use a rolling code.
Does anybody else have Telecom Automation motors and remotes?

I do, and it’s not as straightforward as that (I tried to do the same as you). Teleco is now owned by Somfy, and there is a Somfy bridge that lets Somfy remotes work with Teleco. But even with that, it’s not straightforward getting the Bond to work. I had a tech out looking at something else, and he knew what to do. The process is the same when using the Connexxon hub and app. He had me add a new device in Connexoon and Bond, and keep clicking through without doing any pairing.Then, while he was pressing the appropriate buttons on the controller, he got me to press the open button, then repeated that for close. It still confuses me how this works, but it does! I can’t be any help as to the button presses on the controller though I’m afraid.

Thanks. I don’t have the Somfy Connexoon hub or app but might see if this process works with just the Bond setup. Which type of Somfy device did you use in the Bond setup?

Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t have notifications turned on. It uses the Somfy RTS awning. I think it’s somehow paired to the Somfy Bridge that I have installed.

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Yeah I think this remote uses RTS protocol. The “Somfy Awning” option may work.

Did you get anywhere with this?