TBS 1800/s Remote with TBS motor (Australia)

Hey guys

I am in Autralia, I have a TBS 100 EN/s Motor and a TBS 1800/s single channel remote for my curtain and am having trouble setting it up on my Bond bridge.


Type: RF @ 433 MHz
Brand: TBS
Model: TBS 1800/s

Brand: RBS
Model: TBS 100 EN/S

Bond Bridge
Model: BD-1000

When I try to add the remote as a generic device my Bond bridge appears to be able to learn / detect the button press ok, blinking green, but I just cannot control the curtain from the bond bridge / app.

Some of the specification on TBS website for the motor and remote

on page 3, It looks like they have their own smart hub and can use connector app(ios) to connect the mote, I haven tried their hub yet.


Blow are some of the photos for motor and remote

There is nothing in the doc of “connector” that suggests it is compatible with bond but rather with google, alexa, and native SIRI. Just looked up and find skill for alexa integration, so using the own hub and handle it with their own website control seems to be the obvious choice.

I understand their hub probably will work, but I dont understand why bond bridge wouldnt though, by searching the image of their hub online, it just look dead similar to this https://fccid.io/VYYDD7002B/User-Manual/User-manual-4082340, which use connector+ app ‎Connector+ on the App Store, seems like this hub is for dooya products, which bond bridge supports.

Well after hours try and error, Actually I think I’ve figure it out,

First of all, manul programming will not work.
Sendondly, It turns out I can use either dooya or wynmotion or maybe some others to pair my motor with my remote.

However, the reason it was not working earlier today for this method, as it looks like it requires the curtain motor not only just to pair with an existing remote, but needs to have the curtain limit been set as well, that seems to make the motor think the data is complete and ready to duplicate to another remote. Once the limit has been set, I can press P2, P2 and Pair to add it to bond. I think bond can put this brand TBS into support list as well. just have to make sure to mention not only requires motor pairs with an existing remote, but motor needs to set 2 limits

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Glad you made it work. The little things often get in the way.

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