Targeting specific devices in different rooms

Since the Bond Hub is a whole house unit, is it possible to send RF to a specific device of the same type in a different room? For example, I have three fans, all of the same model, in different rooms. The supplied remote control can operate any of them. Not a problem with the remote because the RF range is limited, so it only controls the fan in the room that I’m in. But what about the Bond Hub? Since it is a whole house device, won’t a command be picked up by all of the fans of the same type in the house?
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This sounds suspiciously like IR to me (which is line of sight due to being close to visible light). With RF, usually you can get control a few rooms away. If the range were as limited as you describe, I’d expect intermittent control within the same room as the fan.

The trick is, all these RF-controlled (but not IR-controlled) devices have support for changing the address that the receiver is listening to. Sometimes this is done via DIP switches in the receiver which need to match DIP switches in the transmitter. Other times it is by changing DIP switches just in the transmitter (remote) and “learning” this transmitter into just one of the fans, so that the listened-to address is changed. Lastly, sometimes each transmitter comes from the factory with a different random address baked in.

Note that sometimes manufacturers erroneously call address as frequency, which is really confusing because everything is on the same frequency. I’ve never seen a frequency-changing remote other than those which are very cheap and change frequency slightly when you squeeze them or get fingers too close haha.

No, it’s absolutely not an IR remote. That was the first thing I verified. Good catch that changing the freq/address might be in the fan’s receiver!