Supporting Rollerhouse motors

I have a bunch of Rollerhouse motors in my house (link on Amazon below). I have had a lot of success with them - very easy to retrofit into existing shades and very reliable.

I called customer service when I first installed them, over a year ago, as the Bond was getting through to them about 1 in 3 times. They told me at the time that they were not supported. I got around this by adjusting the reps to ensure that the commands get through. This is great for up and down, but not so good for the preset command as that is also the stop command.

I played around with different reps for this command. 4 or above causes the shades to start, then stop, then start and proceed to the preset position. Reliability is very high. Reps below 4 result in the shade sometimes getting to the preset position and sometimes starting and stopping and not making it there. I haven’t figured out exactly what is going on yet.

However, it would be nice if these motors were supported. Since it has been a year I was wondering if there is a chance to look at this motor and support it? Thanks.

I’d love to see support for Rollerhouse motors as well. I converted 10 existing chain loop pull shades with Rollerhouse motors last year and had to add repeated duplicate commands for each shade to Alexa routines or a few would not respond. Thanks much!
Julie Mandell