Stop Command for Shades with SmartThings

Hey folks, new Bond user here. I’ve setup the Bond bridge to control my SelectBlinds shades and so far so good. I got the SmartThings integration working as well, although SmartThings is only showing an on/open and off/close button and there is no stop button. I was looking into if it was possible to create a SmartThings scene to open the shades->wait a few seconds->Stop. This way I can open the shades only half way.

Is there a device handler that would enable the Stop button for shades in SmartThings?



Hi John, welcome!

Sadly the SmartThings integration is very basic and we don’t have that capability right now. Also, there could be problems with latency that may make that automation not work too well. However, I don’t see why in principle we couldn’t petition the Samsung folks to add a more sophisticated UI for shades. (As of previous work on our ST integration, we had to pick from pre-made UIs or request changes to the UI to be made by Samsung.)