Support for Elechomes SH8830 humidifier?

I have an Elechomes SH8830 humidifier. Looking around, it doesn’t seem to be supported out of the box.

Can one program the Bond bridge to learn IR codes from the remote?

Thank you.

You should be able to.manually record IR and RF (within supported frequency range, and outside of advanced protocols such as rolling codes), but it will be an interesting device to find good buttons to match functionality, or at least close enough to make sense.

You can check out this post for suggestions for recording (maybe as a fan), then renaming things using the API.

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Excellent. I’m going to order one and play with it. Thanks for the pointer.

No problem.
Just wanted to give you an idea of what you can do by bending the rules with a fan device haha - if you try to record it as a generic device in the app, you’ll only get 3 commands (toggle, power on, power off) to play with - vs calling it a fan type device and manually recording, you get a lot more button choices.

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