Anyone ever try controlling their sleep number bed?

I have an i8 king 360 Sleep Number bed and would love to be able to change settings. I am pretty sure the remote is rf, fcc id LPM-5000.

I am new to bond. Just got my two fans working perfectly with Alexa (one Hunter, the other generic) and I’m playing around trying to do other things, too.



If that FCC ID is correct, and much like many other bed remotes, it’s 2.4 GHz control frequency, and therefore not able to be controlled by current generation BOND Bridges (they lack the necessary hardware).

Got it. That makes sense, if unfortunate. I still can’t believe Sleep Number hasn’t just created an Alexa/GH skill! Maybe I’ll have to play with wire shark to try to figure it out.

If you’ve got the SleepIQ style that has WiFi connectivity, I think there are a couple projects out there like this one which you could maybe piggyback off of?

Brilliant! @residualimages great tip! Yesterday, I wrote a simple AWS lambda, tied it into Alexa with IFTTT and now I have simple commands for controlling the bed.

Hat tip! :slight_smile: Been wanting to get this automated for a while.

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