Support for Balsam Hill Christmas trees

I have just received a new Balsalm Hill lighted Christmas tree. It uses RF and bond can control it except for one issue — the lighting controls ins bond only support on,off, toggle. My remote have clear, color, mixed, off, brighten, dim.

Each button works if I program each to one of the three supported buttons of the app.

Can we get support for this type of lighting controller? Right now, I have midlxed programmed as on, and off as off, and toggle does nothing.

There are some options if you program the device as something other than Generic.

As in, if you say your Christmas tree is a Fireplace or Ceiling Fan, then you can do more than just 3 commands, by recording each of the original buttons / functions to something that makes close sense in the Fireplace or Ceiling Fan list of buttons / commands.

You can even spend time renaming the buttons in the app.
See here for inspiration

See here for why the generic devices are so basic (basically: to support voice assistants)


I just set up each of the lighting types as it’s own device, using the same off command. So I turn on the “device” that corresponds to the lighting set I want.

Our Balsam Hill tree is four years old or so. It was second thing I set up with the Bond. Also did our electric fireplace.