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Hello Everyone

I have an issue with the lights & Bond. As you know there is no an active feedback of the power state of the light of your Bond Fans. So for example in automation that turns the lights off when I leave home. If the bond light was already off, when the automation send the command light.turn_off the Bond lights turns ON. And vice versa.

So that for me is very annoying.

I don´t know if anyone else had face that problem and if there is a solution for that??

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Welcome, @rovaldes !

Here are some notes for you to consider.

If the original remote didn’t have a discrete ON and separate OFF button, then you’ve got to deal with the POWER TOGGLE ONLY command syndrome.

Bond has an option, called Trust State, which has a pretty big win / success rate if and only if you commit to using Bond, or BOND API integrations, for all control (as in, hide the original remotes and never use them).

I discussed this a little more in depth here:

And there’s also this thread:
Track state changes when using remote


Thanks for your quick reply

Your solution sounds pretty good for me. I would like to try it.

Do you have an example how to enable or configure that Trust State?


If you go into your fan device in the Bond app, then tap the menu button and go to Settings, you can expand the Advanced section and see “Trust tracked state” and toggle it on:

Hey man.

That was so easy!!!

And it just works so great!!

Thanks a lot for that.

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