Trust tracked state

I just got my bond and trying to make it work with my ceiling fan.

I have a fan with RF remote control FCC ID: Y7ZDL4112T

I was unsuccessful in getting bond app to find the right remote so I had to do a manual connection. That seems to work fine.

The issue happens when one of my daughters turns off the light using the RF remote. Leaves the light off. Later in the night I ask Google to turn off all the lights, it turns all off except the fan, it was already off and it gets turned on.

I removed Google from the equation and when someone turns off the light with RF. The state in the app stays as on, i click on the bond app to turn off the light and the ceiling light turns on.

A. How can I ensure the remote is captured correctly instead of manual (I tried three different bonds…). I check your database and the ID is valid.

B. How can I ensure the tracked state is trusted (FYI, I have that selected in the advance settings but it seems to ignore it). I don’t want to always have to fix the tracked state.

Thanks in advance.

My phone is an android on latest build and bond app / bond firmware 2.28

Welcome, @Latinom16 ! Good to have another community member.

This is the part you’ll have to remove to make Trust State work.
You cannot use RF remotes and Trust State - they will forever fight - particularly if the original remote only had a “toggle power” button for the fan or light, vs separate buttons for “light on”, “light off” or “fan on”, “fan off”.
Bond does not know when you click an RF remote so the last known State that you’re telling it to Trust is unreliable as long as an RF remote is still being used at all.
This is why the Bond team began licensing their tech to fan manufacturers, I believe - a Smart by Bond fan will have discrete On / Off commands and the remote with those kinds of fans directly talks to the receiver to control the power of fan/light (no Bridge involved).

(As far as recording the signal, it may or may not match up to a Template and that’s okay as long as each of the commands within Bond work, assuming the RF remote was put away in a drawer).